25 February 2011

20 highest-radiation cell phones

Which one is yours?

This is how business is done!!!

24 February 2011

Proton Si Tanggang?

Proton Pahlawan Series

Proton Tuah

Proton Jebat

My Favorite Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Wallpaper

Here is mine!!!

Uniten Career Fair 2011 Done!

Engineering & I.T. Job Fair

Date: 22nd - 23rd February 2011
Time: 9am-5pm
Venue: Gallery, Admin

Malaysia VS Pakistan (2-0)

Pada perlawanan antara Malaysia dan Pakistan, Malaysia telah memperolehi 2 jaringan pada separuh masa pertama. Banyak peluang bagi Malaysia untuk menjaringkan gol. Tetapi nasib tidak menyebelahi skuad Malaysia apabila penjaga gol Pakistan telah digantikan oleh Umer yang mengukuhkan lagi pertahanan pintu gol Pakistan. Apa pun, TAHNIAH buat skuad Malaysia untuk kemenangan ini. Diharapkan semangat yang ada pada setiap skuad Malaysia akan berterusan untuk perlawanan-perlawanan yang seterusnya.

23 February 2011

Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips

Whether you drive a two-seat hybrid or a three-ton SUV, chances are you can squeeze a bit more distance out of each gallon of fuel -- and at today's gas prices, an improvement of just one or two miles per gallon (MPG) can really add up. These ten fuel saving tips have served me well over the years, and they can help you improve your car's fuel economy and take some of the sting out of high fuel prices. Most of these tips will give you a very slight increase in MPG -- but use several together and the gas mileage improvements will really add up.

1. Slow down
One of the best ways to save gas is to simply reduce your speed. As speed increases, fuel economy decreases exponentially. If you one of the "ten-over on the freeway" set, try driving the speed limit for a few days. You'll save a lot of fuel and your journey won't take much longer. (Just be sure you keep to the right, so you won't impede the less-enlightened.)

2. Check your tire pressure
Under-inflated tires are one of the most commonly ignored causes of crummy MPG. Tires lose air due to time (about 1 psi per month) and temperature (1 psi for every 10 degree drop); under-inflated tires have more rolling resistance, which means you need to burn more gas to keep your car moving. Buy a reliable tire gauge and check your tires at least once a month. Be sure to check them when they are cold, since driving the car warms up the tires along with the air inside them, which increases pressure and gives a falsely high reading. Use the inflation pressures shown in the owner's manual or on the data plate in the driver's door jamb.

Samsung Galaxy s VS iPhone 4

It’s not like you’re out of options. Here’s one. Another one would be to get a friend’s iPhone 4 and another friend’s Galaxy S, put them on a table, close your eyes and… tell your friends to bugger off. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Flip a what?
Now seriously, do we need another iPhone vs. insert phone of choice thing? Well, do you need Retina display when it’s more than the human eye can see? Do you need a 4” Super AMOLED when 3.5” would’ve been just fine – and easier to handle?

I'm Graduated!

After six years studying in Uniten, finally I've been graduated.

I Love To Play CS 1.6!

Long time don't play CS. Really miss that!!!

Why Did I Choose To Use Ubuntu?

Currently I prefer to use Ubuntu, after I felt the ability to provide Ubuntu Graphical on my laptop, especially Ubuntu 10.04. There are a few that made me feel at home using and choosing Ubuntu Linux operating system, which are as follows:

1. No Virus – because Linux does not recognize the files of his Win32 executables, so the possibility of taxable virus is 0%, it is also felt by fellow users of the Linux operating system in general.

2. Open Source – Linux distributions are open source and the source code can be edited and modified according to our needs. We can learn how to work the Ubuntu (Linux)  Operating System.

3. So Smart – If you want to learn to understand the operating system, you can learn Linux, you can know what commands are there in Linux. You also can open and analyze the programming language in Linux.

4. Free Software – Every application and software in Linux is free and open source. You do not need to worry about licenses and there are always alternatives and software applications on Linux a better and free. In one installation package, already there are several supporting applications, such as applications for office, internet, image editing and other supporting applications. All applications we can use for free.

22 February 2011

Why Choose Linux Ubuntu?

There are a lot of Linux distributions out there. These can be thought of as different 'flavours' of Linux. One very decent release has become very popular in the last couple of years. Ubuntu Linux was launched in 2004. It is a Debian and GNU/Linux operating system. It is very easy to use and there is no need to type commands. Everything works by clicking and selecting options. Ubuntu has made Linux accesible to the masses. Before Ubuntu came along people were not happy with Linux because it was complicated. It required too much setting up and tweaking. Most of the people just want things to work right away. Ubuntu has a great philosophy and will always remain free. It also has a strong financial backing which gives it an edge over low budget distributions. It seems that Ubuntu Linux is here to stay for a long time. If you are new to Linux than Ubuntu is something that you should try out. It is stable, has great releases and a large community of volunteers that are willing to help you out. So take the plundge and find out the amazing free software that Linux has to offer you.

Source here.

Do You Know? (part 6)

1. Madagascar is popularly known as The Island of Cloves.
2. The country known as The Land of White Elephant is Thailand.
3. The country known as The Land of Morning Calm is Korea.
4. The country known as The Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan.
5. The highest waterfalls in the world is the Salto Angle Falls ,Venezuela.
6. The largest library in the world is the United States Library of Congress, Washington DC.
7. The author of Harry Potter books is JK Rowling.
8. Nickname of New York city is Big Apple.
9. What do you call a group of sheep? A Flock of Sheep.

Do You Know? (part 5)

1. The country known as the land of the midnight sun is Norway.
2. The place known as the roof of the world is Tibet.
3. The founder of the Chinese Republic was San Yat Sen.
4. The first women Prime Minister of Britain was Margaret Thatcher.
5. The sculptor of the Statue of Liberty was Frederick Auguste Bartholdi.
6. John F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
7. The largest river in France is Loire.
8. The principal export of Jamaica is Sugar.
9. New York is popularly known as the city of Skyscrapers.

Jom join #ChurpChurp hari ini dan ajak kawan2 join skali. hahaha!

Jom join #ChurpChurp hari ini dan ajak kawan2 join skali. hahaha!

21 February 2011

PEP 37

Selesai sudah sesi SPECIAL (3rd Stage) di ILSAS. Kalau ada rezeki, jumpa lagi~

Epic Snaps of the Day 006~

1. Ladder Fail

2. Mike Wong

3. ATM Paranoid

4. Not Your Time Yet

5. Gone Finshing

18 February 2011

Perodua Infinite Concept

Perodua also filled its spot with a Perodua Alza Mod, Infinite Concept targeting towards the younger crowd and probably the more affordable range. It is packed with stricking orange sport rims, a pair of bucket seat, a new concept headlight, two screens, a iPad dock and also a subwoofer.

PEP 37

Invitation for the 3rd stage of selection process, Selection of PEP through Competency Experiential Learning (SPECIAL), of which previously known as COGA, for the intake of Executive Training Program (PEP 37) at Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

Am I Ready???

What Should You Have On Your Symbian Smartphone? (Part 2)

1. Kaspersky Mobile Security - Protect your mobile privacy.

2. Coreplayer - Mobile Media Playback.

3. SPB TV - A simple IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile phones, offering multiple channels and a user-friendly interface.

4. iON-BatteryTimer - The control of operating time remaining to complete discharge and more...

5. X-plore - File manager for mobile phones, with a wide range of functions on the phone's file system.

6. SmartMovie - Video player for your mobile phone, with a counterpart converter utility for the PC.

7. Free-isms - iPhone-style sms chat software.

8. JoikuSpot - WiFi Tethering Sofware for Mobile Phones. Turning your mobile phone to a WiFi HotSpot.

9. Accuweather - Local weather forecast and radar for the US and International.

10. QuickOffice - Mobile office productivity software for smartphones.

What Should You Have On Your Symbian Smartphone? (Part 1)

1. Garmin Mobile XT - Navigation Device for Mobile Device.

2. Google Maps - Determine current location with or without GPS.

3. Opera Mobile - Smarter Mobile Browsing.

4. Youtube Mobile - Youtube Client for Mobile Device.

5. Facebook Mobile - Facebook Client for Mobile Device.

6. Tweets60 - Twitter Client for Mobile Device.

7. Snaptu - Snaptu turns favorite websites into ultra fast mobile apps that work on mobile phone.

8. Foursquare - Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways of exploring your city. Earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things.

9. Skype - Free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM with Verizon Wireless.

10. Nimbuzz - Free Calls, Chat, Messaging and more on  Mobile Phone.

Do You Know? (part 4)

1. The national flower of Italy is Lily.
2. The national flower of China is Narcissus.
3. The first Republican President of American was Abraham Lincoln.
4. The country famous for Samba dance is Brazil.
5. Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.
6. The earlier name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon.
7. The first President of Egypt was Mohammed Nequib.
8. The primary producer of newsprint in the world is Canada.
9. The first explorer to reach the South Pole was Cap. Ronald Amundson.

Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 10.04 (PC Pro Review)

Linux's fight to dislodge Windows as the people's desktop operating system of choice has been a long, sometimes bitter and ultimately unsuccessful one.

Despite the bombastic predictions of open-source advocates, and a short-lived spell as the default netbook operating system, Linux remains at the very margins of mainstream computing. Even among PC Pro's technically literate readership, only 4% are running a Linux OS, according to the visitor stats for this website.

However, something rather extraordinary is happening in the Linux world. Amid all the distros that have come and gone over the years, one finally has the potential, the momentum and the commercial backing to at least challenge the Windows hegemony.

Arsenal vs Barcelona 2-1 (Preview).

Two of my favorite football teams.

This is a huge match in prospect as Arsenal will be taking on FC Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 tie. Both teams meet at the quarter Final stage last year and it was Barca who came out as winners by a 6-3 aggregate score although the scoreline dont tell the whole story as Messi single handedly put Barcelona in a position to win the tie when he scored 4 goals in the 2nd Leg at Camp Nou.

Messi will be hoping to do the same and this year and he is in even better scoring form, already grabbed 40 goals this season and oncource to become the first player to grab more than 50 in a single season which is astonishing and quite remarkable, as he has quite a few matches to play this sesaon.

On the other hand we have a team which is playing superbly at the moment, not only in League but also in all the competition they are involved this season, they will be playing the final of the Carling Cup on 28th, they are in FA Cup as well, and Wenger believe that his young side which was hammered in the hands of Bacra Last season came along way since than and will be a better opposition for Barca.

Read more here.

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Are YOU the 'Most Wanted?' (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Are YOU the 'Most Wanted?' (Preview)

Try out the Nestle profile test and find out what lifestyle reflects on your profile today! #NestleProfiler

Try out the Nestle profile test and find out what lifestyle reflects on your profile today! #NestleProfiler

My way of re-energizing my day is a large cup of #MiloFuzeJamPack and playing this crazy addictive game. I want to get the high score to win iPod Shuffle!

My way of re-energizing my day is a large cup of #MiloFuzeJamPack and playing this crazy addictive game. I want to get the high score to win iPod Shuffle!

17 February 2011

Do You Know? (part 3)

1. The largest ocean of the world is Pacific Ocean.
2. The largest bell in the world is the Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin, Moscow.
3. The biggest stadium in the world is the Strahov Stadium, Prague.
4. The world's largest diamond producing country is South Africa.
5. The earlier name of New York City was New Amsterdam.
6. The Eiffel Tower was built by Alexander Eiffel.
7. The country which has the highest population density is Monaco.
8. The national flower of Britain is Rose.
9. The first Industrial Revolution took place in England.

Epic Snaps of the Day 005~

1. Taking my pet for a walk

2. Are u Real?

3. Why do you smile like that?

4. Feed Me

5. Don't act like you not impressed

Epic Snaps of the Day 004~

1. Sex Repelant Clothing

2. Security Fail

3. Like and Dislike Stamps
4. If Gillette had invented the guillotine...

5. Pepsi walked into the wrong neighborhood

10 Best Linux Distros (part 2)

6. The best distro for netbooks: Ubuntu UNR 10.04

Great hardware compatibility, a refined GUI and a redesigned launch menu help make UNR our number one choice for netbooks

While Apple is slowly pulling the carpet out from underneath the netbook market, there's still great demand, and some great bargains to be had, for these diminutive PCs.

And despite a terrible start with distributions like Linpus and Xandros, Canonical's UNR really does hit the mark. It's quick, boots in around 20 seconds, and provided your hardware is listed as compatible, you get great battery life with suspend/resume and faultless wireless for the vast majority of Atom-based netbooks.

Canonical has also spent a great deal of effort redesigning the desktop. The borderless window managers lets you switch between Ubuntu applications that can make maximum use of the available screen resolution, and the Clutter-based launch menu gives you painless access to whatever you've got installed.

The new Epiphany messenger system also makes good sense on a netbook, rolling email, instant messaging, status updates and social networking into a single, invisible application.

It's also the platform that makes best use of Ubuntu's new on-scren notification system, informing you of low battery levels, new Tweets and incoming email in a pop-up, configurable window. All of which helps to make UNR feel far more functional and together than its closest competitor.

7. The best distro for sys admins: Debian 6.0.0

Debian has become the paternal grandfather of the Linux new wave. Ubuntu, originally based on Debian, has inherited many of its strengths, including its package format, its breadth of packages, configuration files and locations.

And as a result, so has Ubuntu's own derivatives, including Mint, Crunchbang and gOS. This gives Debian a great advantage. It's already going to feel familiar to millions of people who have never used it. And for that reason, it's the perfect choice for system administrators who have used one of its derivatives.

But there's another, more important, reason. Major version Debian releases are generally years apart, and the software that makes the final cut has been tested to the point of destruction. The current version, Debian 5, is due for replacement later this summer, when version 6.0 should arrive.

It will build on what is already the perfect platform for your own tools, utilities and solutions, and enable you to install almost anything you need through the package manager. A task that Fedora can't quite compete with.

Debian might not have the commercial backing of Fedora, but it's still enviably secure, bundling SELinux, the latest X server and desktops, and a new found ability to run as a Live CD, which is perfect for ad-hoc troubleshooting.

8. The best distro for the office: OpenSUSE 11.3

This is only the second distribution in our list to use the KDE desktop by default. The other is PCLinuxOS, which we've recommended for Windows migrants, and OpenSuse is chosen for a similar reason: the desktop is likely to feel most familiar in an office environment.

But where PCLinuxOS is a relatively small project with very little support, OpenSuse is the last great hope of Novell, the once dominant network-layer provider. As such, not only is it well supported at the desktop level, but also in the world of enterprise computing, where Novell competes with Red Hat Linux for server space.

This means that if your office systems are critical to your success, OpenSuse has both the pedigree and the functionality you'll need. It also helps that Novell makes a significant contribution to the OpenOffice.org suite of applications, which is likely to be the main application suite running in an office, alongside its own (paid-for) Microsoft Exchange interface and a close affiliation with Microsoft itself.

OpenSUSE 11.3 bundles the latest version of KDE, as well as Mono. This is the Microsoft .Net compatibility library that has recently been removed from both Fedora and Ubuntu, and its inclusion might be important if you're working in a cross-platform environment, and you need greater compatibility with Microsoft's products. Which is exactly what Novell wants you to think.

9. The best distro for Servers: CentOS 5.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is almost untouchable in the business market. It's one of the most profitable and well supported areas of the Linux ecosystem, and as you might expect, it's expensive. It's only available if you're willing to pay for the service, support and upgrades, at prices that put it out of reach of cash-strapped upstarts.

But RHEL is still open source, and while the binary packages might not be available, the source code for those packages has to be. Which is where CentOS comes in. It takes the source code and rebuilds RHEL in its own image, feature for feature, for each release. It gets close enough to be almost 100% compatible with third-party RHEL packages, and is the best choice for many online projects that can't stretch to a supported RHEL contract.

Version 5.5 was released in May, less than two months after the equivalent RHEL release. You get the same packages, the same fixes, the same Gnome desktop and applications. The only thing missing is support, but the CentOS community is very active, and always more than happy to help, making CentOS the only option for real-world critical performance at almost no cost.

10. The best distro for multimedia: Ubuntu Studio

Linux has thousands of creative software titles, but the average distribution isn't always the best platform to use them. This is especially true of music software, which needs a specially configured kernel and a specific configuration of audio drivers to work at its best. Adjusting your everyday distribution to accommodate those changes isn't easy, which is why there are plenty of distributions that attempt to do the job for you.

The best is Ubuntu Studio. It's designed for music and audio, but you can install anything from the standard Ubuntu repositories. Thanks to the realtime kernel, audio latency is low, and you shouldn't have any problems running resource heavy applications like The Gimp loading a large image.

You won't have to hunt around for the best software either, as the developers have chosen the cream of creative applications to install by default, including audio, video and graphics editors and a customised desktop.

The latest version, for example, is a 1.7GB DVD image, rather than the CD size of Ubuntu, and installation from this can save you a lot of time. But the best thing about this distribution is that it includes a working 'Jack' configuration, a low-latency audio layer that can transform your Linux desktop into a virtual recording studio. A task that isn't very straightforward without a little help.

Read more here.

10 Best Linux Distros (part 1)

1. The best distro for beginners: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

There can be few people who haven't heard of Ubuntu. It's a word that's become synonymous with Linux, raising both praise and chagrin from the Linux community in equal measure. But outside the community squabbling, there's no doubt that this is a distribution to be reckoned with. Especially if you're a beginner.

Ubuntu is the antidote to a world of uncertainty. For the vast majority of installations, it will just work. You won't have to worry about hardware incompatibility, software installation and configuration. Stick the disc in the drive, answer a few easy questions, and you'll find yourself looking at the beautiful new design of version 10.04, the so-called Lucid Lynx.

Unlike most other distributions, Ubuntu developers know how to make a desktop look good. The aurora-like swathes of purple, orange and black may have taken their inspiration from Cupertino, but they easily beat the tedious dull-brown of previous versions.

What's not so great, for seasoned users, is that the window control buttons, such as close, minimise and maximise, are now on the top-left border. But new users, especially those used to OS X, won't find this a problem, and neither did we after a couple of days to acclimatise.
Ubuntu is still ahead of the game, and for new users it's unbeatable. It offers the best looking default desktop, an unparalleled software repository, easy installation of proprietary software like Flash and Nvidia drivers, and incorporates one of the largest and most accessible communities on the internet. It's still a winner.

2. The best distro for experts: Fedora 14

The Fedora distribution takes a trail-blazing, no compromise, approach to free software. It offers many of the same advantages of Ubuntu like excellent hardware support, a refined desktop and great package choice, with some of the core-philosophy ideals that have helped make Linux such as a success.

As a result, it's not an ideal distribution if you're looking for proprietary and closed software. MP3 codecs, Adobe Flash and Nvidia drivers are not easy to install, and get even less easier with each new release. Instead, you'll want to stick with the open source alternatives provided by Fedora.

Which isn't such a bad thing. The new version includes the fantastic, hardware accelerated, and open source, Nouveau Nvidia driver, while the new photo manager, Shotwell, is an interesting alternative to the potentially patent crippled F-Spot.

Version 14 is the latest Fedora release to tackle the growing popularity of Ubuntu, and as a result, it's one of best looking and usable distributions around, regardless of your politics. But it's also a distribution you can easily make your own.

Creating a development environment is easy, for example, and the locations used by shared libraries, configuration files and kernel headers strictly adhere to long established standards. This means that with Fedora 14 you get the best of both worlds. A good looking, usable desktop straight from installation CD, and a completely customisable, standard and stable environment from which you can build your perfect distribution.

3. The best distro for Windows Migrants: PCLinuxOS

This is the first distribution we've looked at to use the KDE desktop environment by default. Although you can grab versions for all the other major desktop environments, we consider KDE to be the best match for Windows power-users. This is because it's an environment who's slate grey and blue surface belies an underworld of configuration options, complexity and customisation on the interior.

The 4th generation of KDE has experienced stability problems, but the current 4.4 cycle has finally been able to throw off the puppy-fat pain of earlier versions.

And thanks to the quarterly ISO update cycle of PCLinuxOS, it has become an excellent choice for users who want to stay ahead in the KDE features and stability game. The latest, for example, includes significant updates to the K3b Blu-Ray, CD and DVD burner, the Digikam photo management tool, the Choqok social networking tool and the Amarok media player, all wrapped around the very latest KDE release.

Combine this with the bundled Flash player, proprietary drivers and a visually stunning desktop, and you have a great choice for users who have spent the last couple of years getting the most from the Windows File Manager, the Registry Editor and the Aero effects of the Windows 7 desktop.

4. The best distro for older Hardware: Puppy Linux 5.2

Linux's great strength is its flexibility. It runs on everything from mobile phones to space ships. As a result, it's extremely good at scaling, and makes a good choice for older hardware. Unlike some other operating systems, you won't have to resort to running older versions either. There are plenty of distributions that will take the latest software, the latest kernel and the latest drivers, and build them into a distribution tailored for older bits of kit.

The best we've found is Puppy. It's a diminutive, yet fully functional, operating system that runs from your system's memory for extra speed. Just burn the 128MB ISO to a CD and boot. What's most impressive about Puppy is that while it may be only be running from RAM, it still writes your changes back to the spare space on your CD or DVD boot media, getting the most from both possible worlds.

But the best thing about version 5.2 is that it now uses the same package repository as Ubuntu. This gives you immediate access to thousands of the most popular packages and means that, while your installation may start small, it's likely to grow into the perfect fit for whatever hardware combination you're using.

5. The best distro for your desktop: Linux Mint 10

Linux Mint, with its beautiful imagery, simple aesthetic, and 'go-do' attitude, gets our vote in a competitive field for the best Linux distribution for everyday desktop use. It may be based on Ubuntu, but it isn't afraid of challenging people expectations by combining the best pre-built tools and desktop environments with its own unique take on how a desktop should feel.

The default Gnome version is the perfect example. Gnome's top-bar is gone, leaving the lower status window as the only screen ornamentation. The launch menu gets the same treatment, replacing Gnome's trio of 'Applications', 'Places' and 'Administration' with the singular Mint Menu.

The new version is a solid upgrade, adding right-click support and transparency. If you use a lot of applications, this is a massive improvement over Gnome's default, and is easier to configure and modify. Alongside Ubuntu's prodigious packages, Mint includes quite a few of it own.

These are available through a new software manager that's better than Ubuntu's, thanks to the sporadic reviews and screenshots. You can also enable desktop effects, Compiz, and other bits of eye candy easily through a new desktop setting panel embedded within a custom Control Center application that's growing with each release. The end result is a distribution that stands on the shoulders of giants to become one the best contenders for your desktop.

Read more here.

8 Innovation of Gadgets to Watch in 2011

1. Qi Wireless Power

Who wouldn'€™t want to simply place a smartphone onto a magic mat and charge it up, no wires required? Sure, wireless chargers have been around for a while, but as of October 2010, there's now a standard, backed by 69 companies and set to find its way into many (if not most) new mobile devices in the coming year. Soon your smartphone, camera or MP3 player won'€™t need a special sleeve to charge wirelessly - it'€™ll all be built in. Conspicuously missing from the list of companies on board with the wireless charging initiative, though? Apple.

2. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo'€™s the biggest name in gaming for a reason, and it'€™ll prove its might once again with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, the next generation of handheld gaming device. Able to create 3D graphics without the glasses, gamers will find many reasons to get this device when it ships in 2011.

3. Motorola-Built, Android-Powered Tablets

With the blockbuster success of the Droid, it's clear that Motorola's got a good grasp of what the Android-buying community is looking for in hardware. It'll be one of the first consumer-ready devices running Honeycomb, Google'€™s tablet-optimized Android fork; and we're betting it'€™ll be competitively priced, too.

4. Smart Shopping Carts

In the down economy, the focus of many marketers has shifted from customer acquisition to customer retention, so loyalty programs have come to the fore. While smartphones are one vehicle for perpetrating such programs, 70% of consumers still don'€™t have one, and even by the end of 2011, market penetration is not projected to top 50%. Smart shopping carts can flash discounts and suggest purchases based on a customer's history. While some shoppers might find it creepy, many will find it'€™s like GPS -” you won'™t be able to remember what life was like before them.

5. PalmPad

If any OS was built for tablet use, it'€™s webOS, and if any company can build a legitimate and affordable competitor to the Apple iPad, it's HP and Palm. No Android or Windows 7 tablet has demonstrated the capability to match the iPad feature-for-feature. That tall order will fall on the PalmPad.

6. Notion Ink Adam

India's iPad challenger, Notion Ink'€™s Adam, is said to be the first device in the world to integrate two breakthrough power saving components - nVidia'€™s Tegra 2 chip and a Pixel Qi screen. Together, they are expected to help it achieve twice the battery life and performance of the iPad.

7. NFC-Enabled Phones

Samsung'™s Nexus S, the first NFC-enabled Android phone, is already on sale; Nokia has announced that all of its smartphones, starting in 2011, will support NFC; and Apple recently hired a NFC expert. Jeff Miles, the director of mobile transactions worldwide at NXP Semiconductors, which co-invented NFC with Sony in 2002, says he expects more than 70 million NFC-capable handsets to be manufactured in 2011.

8. PlayStation Phone

The Android-based phone will test the limits of gaming on mobile devices. This much excitement for a phone since the iPhone 4. The PlayStation Phone could very well be the most popular Android phone of 2011.

Read more here.
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