23 February 2011

Why Did I Choose To Use Ubuntu?

Currently I prefer to use Ubuntu, after I felt the ability to provide Ubuntu Graphical on my laptop, especially Ubuntu 10.04. There are a few that made me feel at home using and choosing Ubuntu Linux operating system, which are as follows:

1. No Virus – because Linux does not recognize the files of his Win32 executables, so the possibility of taxable virus is 0%, it is also felt by fellow users of the Linux operating system in general.

2. Open Source – Linux distributions are open source and the source code can be edited and modified according to our needs. We can learn how to work the Ubuntu (Linux)  Operating System.

3. So Smart – If you want to learn to understand the operating system, you can learn Linux, you can know what commands are there in Linux. You also can open and analyze the programming language in Linux.

4. Free Software – Every application and software in Linux is free and open source. You do not need to worry about licenses and there are always alternatives and software applications on Linux a better and free. In one installation package, already there are several supporting applications, such as applications for office, internet, image editing and other supporting applications. All applications we can use for free.
5. Easy to use – I think Ubuntu is very easy to use, I am a Ubuntu user who just feel easy to use Ubuntu. If you do not like using the Terminal, you can also access the program as a GUI or just by click and click. Features and Facilities in Ubuntu is very complete.

6. Ubuntu Community Help – Ubuntu has a very active community for support and help to answer your questions and solutions to your problems in minutes ...

7. Desktop Effects beautiful – you can try Compiz on Ubuntu which displays the 3D desktop effects that are more beautiful but it takes up computer resources. Your desktop will be felt more comfortable.

8. Ease of Upgrade – You can upgrade Linux Ubuntu through the package manager and all applications can be installed / updated easily. Not required Google to search, package manager will help you find it.

9. Easy On-Customize.

10. Experience Live – Linux Ubuntu CD’s have been charged with operating systems that you can run without needing to install to your computer. Simply plug the CD and reboot you can already try Ubuntu on any computer in the world.

***The reasons above are just a few reasons that I feel the benefits now, Are you also an Ubuntu user? You can give your reason why you prefer Ubuntu or Linux operating system than other operating systems.


samizul.net said...

Sangat setuju! Rupanya Aie baru ja bertukar/guna Ubuntu. Ubuntu sekarang 10.10. Tak guna Maverick?

Cabaran utama Ubuntu dalam masa sekarang ialan aplikasi pejabatnya. MS Office vs LibreOffice. Disebabkan MS Office ni lah sy terpaksa Virtualize Windows XP. Kadang, terpaksa guna IE bila masuk portal web kerajaan.

Kalau game, memang tinggal lama lah. Bagus lagi belajar coding, ngeh3.. d(^^,)

Aie Kakashi said...

saya masih setia utk Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. huhu. masalahnye skrg Office la... tp sedara boleh guna MS Office dgn cara menggunakan aplikasi Wine.

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